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ESCAP Statistical Database

Last updated:  5 October 2018

With over 1600 data series covering a wide range of domains, the ESCAP Statistical database offers a unique regional overview of socio-economic development in the Asia Pacific region over the last 25 years. It notably includes data for indicators from the global SDG framework.

Various regional aggregates offer convenient ways to compare the region with other major parts of the world or to compare various groups of countries among themselves.

Data are sourced from authoritative data sources from the international statistical system and updated regularly.

Asia-Pacific SDG Partnership Data Portal

Last updated:  5 October 2018

The SDG data portal is a subset of the ESCAP online database comprising SDG data and presented according to the global framework of goals, targets, and indicators.

Data are sourced from the Global SDG database as well as directly from designated custodian agencies


The annual report analyses Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) trends as well as availability of data for monitoring the progress in Asia and the Pacific and its sub-regions. The reports identify areas that need collective decisions for prioritizing acceleration or changing the trend. The reports also provide an effective communication tool that foster inclusive regional consultations and effective engagement of the stakeholders including media and civil society. The analysis utilizes cross-nationally comparable data from ESCAP Statistical database for the global SDGs indicator framework and when necessary supplementary statistics available at the regional and sub-regional levels. The SDGs reports are the continuation of the Statistical Yearbook for Asia and the Pacific.

  • Asia and the Pacific SDG Progress Report 2018/2019 (will be released in May 2019)

SDG progress report 2017 SDG baseline report 2016

Other products from ESCAP Statistics Division

Stats brief

The Stats Briefs aim to raise awareness among statistical and policy communities of issues about statistics development in Asia and the Pacific. They present discussions in succinct formats accessible to general audience and typically accompany the organization of major events and release of reports or data from major data sources (e.g. population, GDP, energy, etc.).

  SD Working Papers

The Working Paper Series are technical publications presenting research by ESCAP staff and other researchers on analyses of statistics development in the region, as well as methodological development and statistical analyses of issues regarding SDG development.

Economic statistics for decision-making: Are statistical systems in Asia-Pacific fit for purpose?

The statistical capacities of the Asia-Pacific countries are summarized in 50 country overviews. Each country overview covers the fundamentals for producing national economic statistics of the quality and breadth required to guide policy decisions: Statistical infrastructure such as business registers, surveys and censuses; and institutional arrangements such as legislation, coordination and quality assurance mechanisms, human resources and training.

Each country overview gives the 2017 status of production of 31 economic statistics outputs, defined by governments as the basic range of economic statistics required to guide decision-making.

Country overviews of the 50 countries and a regional synthesis and analysis are available here.

More information on RPES is available here.